O.A.R. Live From Madison Square Garden CD
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O.A.R. Live From Madison Square Garden CD

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The two discs from O.A.R.'s January 27th Madison Square Garden show, which were mixed by Jeff Juliano (Dave Matthews Band, Ben Fold Five, Jason Mraz), contain a total of 18 tracks making it a complete recording of the band’s set that evening.

CLICK HERE to read an exclusive quote from Marc Roberge and see a complete track listing from the performance Item #: ARCD12
Quote from Marc Roberge (O.A.R.):
“I will never forget the walk from the dressing room to the stage in the famed house of entertainment that is Madison Square Garden. I can remember every person we passed, every framed photo of past performers along the walls, and most of all I remember the sound. The sound of 18,000 people letting us know how big this night would be. The house lights had gone down and we were on our way to play on one of the greatest stages in the World. What was captured on tape January 27, 2007 was so much more than a concert. We want you to experience what we consider to be one of the greatest nights of our career. Madison Square Garden on a Saturday night in New York City.”

Track Listing:
Love and Memories
Hey Girl
Living in the End
About Mr. Brown
Heard the World
About An Hour Ago
One Shot
Dareh Meyod
Something Coming Over
Black Rock
Lay Down
That Was A Crazy Game of Poker
City On Down
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